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Father time? 2/10 Mythic

Shais posted Jan 30, 17

Entity based on Turalyon EU are recruiting some DPS to help with progression on Odyn Mythic. We have got him down to phase 3. We need some DPS for the new year to help us clear ToV before Nighthold comes out.

We are after the following DPS:
Shadow Priest
Retri Paladin
WW Monk.

We are after following HEALERS:
Priest .

These are some classes we need to make our raid comp better for progression raiding. Please keep in mind we have decent numbers but need to have a good choice of raiders available. We after players who can come IN and challenge our current raiders for there raid places.

If you have any questions feel free to add my Bnet Jaso25555#2834

Other officer B-tags:
Wonderwall - jaso25555#2835
Shais - fritz#2900
Arhx - plumpii#2912
Killalot - swilko#2463

If you feel like Entity if the guild for you, please get in touch.

This post has been a long time coming! Entity has killed Archimonde Mythic on 24.02.16. We are still trying to clear all farm bosses each week. If you would like to be apart of a guild that has fun during raids & outside of raids, please apply.

I also wanted to thank all the Entity members through this expansion being apart of the guild & taking part in the boss kills we've achieved. In Highmaul we under achieved and only killed 2 Mythic boss while content was current. In BRF we soon picked up and managed to clear all but Blast Furnace and Blackhand. In HFC we've cleared the instance which is a good achievement for us as we've had so many long-term members come and go. Legion is our next goal we are going to be tackling as a guild and if you want to be apart of Entity's adventure in Legion don't wait! & again thanks to all current and old members for helping us in HFC! 

Entity has now opened recruitment for the following classes:

Warrior - DPS






These classes are high priority classes but we are looking for more players outside of these classes as well. We need to bolster our ranks and ensure we are ready to push harder when Legion hits. If you have any questions regarding recruitment please contact myself (Wonderwall) In game.

My B-Net Jaso25555#2835